Internet Application Development Uni notes

FIT5032: Summary

FIT5032, Internet Application Development was on of my favorite subjects this semester. It was structured very well for a programming subject, enabling students to get introductions to topics in lectures, learn more details in their own time and then come into tutorials if they need further clarification. Janet Fraser was a great lecturer, keeping students engaged with entertaining lectures.

The assignments for the subjects were very good. Forcing students to apply the topics covered in lectures.

The only thing I would change about the course is the introductory lectures to XML. Establishing the uses for XML and why it is better than other technologies for those specific applications would have been ideal. The exam with 40% of the grade being based on XML is also a bit odd as it definitely did not account for 40% of the topics covered in the subject.

I would recommend this subject to anyone who has or is planning to do any type of web development. I came into the subject thinking that ASP.NET was an inferior Microsoft option to the LAMP stack. I came out of the subject with an understanding of why 55% of fortune 1000 companies use IIS webservers.

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