FIT5047 – Intelligent Systems Week 5

Taking a turn away from first order logic, search algorithms and planning, week 5 introduced the key issues around natural language processing [NLP] and the programming language Prolog. The logic programming paradigm use by Prolog is something I have not learned about before. The development of axioms and problems solving by querying the axioms is the foundation of languages such as prolog. The engine of Prolog is a backward chaining.. Read More

FIT5059 – Adv. Prog. for DB Applications Week 5

PL/SQL continued in week 5 with some leaning towards integrating small PL/SQL programs into our Forms applications. Procedures, Functions and triggers have now been added to our repertoire. An example of a simple function: 1234567891011121314CREATE OR REPLACE FUNCTION patient_age (Current_Patient PATIENT_DETAILS.Pname%TYPE) RETURN NUMBER IS   PatientDOB  DATE; CurrentAge  NUMBER; BEGIN  SELECT PDOB INTO PatientDOB   FROM Patient_Details WHERE PName = Current_Patient; CurrentAge := TRUNC((SYSDATE – PatientDOB)/365);  RETURN CurrentAge; END; The query for.. Read More

FIT5167 – Natural Computation Week 5

Part 2 of the MLP lectures was completed in week 5. We ran through some extended examples including Batch and Online learning methods. The issue of local minimums and over fitting were also introduced along with some ways of overcoming the limitations they impose. It turns out that batch learning is the most common method of learning. We ran through an example of proportionality using Mean Square Error [MSE] then a further example applying.. Read More

FIT5044 – Network Security Week 5

Firewall was the topic of week 5’s lecture. We begun by discussing what the definition of a firewall is. We put it simply: A firewall is a “choke point/guard box” of controlling and monitoring the network traffic.„ It allows interconnections between different networks with some level of trust.„ It imposes restrictions on network services (only authorized traffic is allowed).„ It enforces auditing and controlling access (alarms of abnormal behavior can be generated).„ It provides.. Read More

FIT5047 – Intelligent Systems Week 4

The fourth week of Intelligent systems provided an introduction to Planning. The question that stands out in my mind from the tutorial is: what is the difference between problem solving via search and problem solving via planning? After running through the weeks material I hope to be able to answer that question. First off the two learning objectives for the week (hmm seems to simple): Goal stack planning Partial order.. Read More