FIT5059 – Adv. Prog. for DB Applications Week 4

Unfortunately I was absent for week 4’s lecture and tutorial. My review of the week will be limited to the printed material. PL/SQL was the topic of week 4. Ok, so to start with I have not used PL/SQL before so it is worth defining; a procedural programming language developed by Oracle as an extension for their relational databases. It allows for complex applications to further leverage the DB layer. The.. Read More

FIT5167 – Natural Computation Week 4

Natural computation, week number 4 -> Multilayer perceptron [MLP] for non-linear data analysis. MLP is one of several neural networks for non-linear modelling but is the most popular, hence our focus on it. MLP’s are very popular because they can model any non-linear pattern. Everything sounds great if we compare an MLP network to the single layer networks we discussed earlier. However, the learning of the MLP network is quite.. Read More