FIT5164: Week 3

Grid Computing, week 3, saw another jam-packed lecture that left me with a great deal of questions. I think this is a good thing as it forces students to do required readings or simply be left behind in the lectures. Unfortunately I have not been keeping up with readings on this subject and am feeling the pressure now. The lecture focused on a possible real life example of a butterfly.. Read More

FIT9020: Week 3

Data Communication’s third lecture review in more detail the Physical Layer (Application -> Transport -> Network ->┬áDataLink -> Physical). Analogue vs Digital Dataflow transmissions (Simplex, Half Duplex, Full Duplex, Multiplex) Multiplexing Division methods: Frequency Division multiplexing [FDM] Time Division multiplexing [TDM] Statistical Time Division Multiplexing [STDM] Wavelength Division Multiplexing [WDM] Communication Medias Physical Twisted Pair Cables Coaxial Cable Fiberoptic Wireless Radio Infrared Microwave Satellite Interestingly, as satellites need to orbit.. Read More

FIT5032: Week 3

Internet Application development week 3 extended on the subject of XML from last week. As we learned the basics in week 1 and the XML schema (.xsd) in week 2, next up was stylesheets (XSLT). Stylesheet start to give evidence to the value of XML in dynamic web design. HTML code can be generated through the ‘transformation of XML files and XSLT files. Initially this is not very exciting but.. Read More