Intelligent systems

FIT5047 – Intelligent Systems Week 3

Week number 3, titled ‘Knowledge Representation’ ran through propositional and first-order logic. Specific attention was paid to Inference, the prime reason for creating Knowledge Bases.

I am a little bit cloudy on the methods for attaining inferences in Knowledge Bases. The lecture slides describe ‘Inference – Resolution Refutation’. To my understanding resolution can be attained through refutation or simply by applying the inference to clauses and determining the resolvent.

There is a clear example of ‘General Resolution’ and also ‘Proof by refutation’. I understand the difference in the processes; however I do not understand why one would use resolution by refutation as opposed to general resolution.

Considering our assignment which is due next week requires this understanding and info on this seems scarce in the text book, I shall inquire at next week’s lecture.

General resolution - source week 3 lecture notes

Resolution by refutation - source week 3 lecture notes

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