Internet Application Development

FIT5032: Week 9

Internet Application Development’s 9th week expanded on the previous lectures introduction to dynamic ASP.NET pages and moved into DataControls, specifically the GridView.

Grid views have a number of column types:

  • BoundField – (default)
  • ButtonField – Enables Add and Delete buttons
  • CheckBox Field – good for booleans
  • CommandField – Predefined command buttons (Select, Edit, Delete)
  • HyperLinkField – self explanatory
  • ImageField – self explanatory
  • TemplateField – Custom data views

See how simple dynamic pages in ASP.NET are

The lecture then covered, in complete detail, CRUD procedure implementation in ASP.NET. We will need to implement this for our final assignment thus I will not go into great detail here.

Paging and sorting in the GridView came next.

Finally using XML as a datasource was discussed, this was the first point where ASP.NET’s auto implementation came to¬† bit of a halt. The use of XML data requires the use of XPath to specify XML elements.

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