Grid Computing

FIT5164: Week 8

Week 8 of grid computing encompassed a completion the previous lecture on Grid Resource management (specifically distributed resource management [DRM]). The week 8 lecture was then a detailed introduction to sensor grid networks which I imagine is one of the most likely futures for grid computing.

Diagramatic representation of a sensor network grid (source: week 8 lecture notes)

In sensor network Data filtering and security were the main issues discussed.

Event detection is completed within the sensor network with the aim of reducing sensor chatter.

Types of sensor networks:

  • Embedded sensor sets (CSIRO materials – in development)
  • Sparse sensor sets (ie: great barrier reef sensors)

The algorithms for identifying patterns the indicate relevant events are key to the efficiency of sensor networks. However the issue of cross talk needs to be dealt with. This means that Distributed Hierarchical Graph Neuron must be within the WSN rather than after the gateway.

Our lecturer, Asad Khan is apparently a leading researcher on this topic with numerous publications one which was closely related to our next lecture:

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