Data Communications

FIT9020: Week 7

Another missed lecture and tutorial for Data Communications which I definitely regret as the subject is very interesting.

Week 7 focused on Local Area Networks, the reasons for them, how they work and how to implement them.

Typical Multi-building LAN

Some ways to increases speed of server based LAN is to increase the number of NICs [Network Interface Cards] in the server, or upgrade to a faster network protocol (ie: to fibre).

The tutorial work analyzed the flow of packet through a typical LAN as illustrated above.

Some notes from the lecture:

NOS [Network Operating System]

  • Server version of NOS
  • Client version of NOS
  • Network Profiles
  • Directory Service
  • Examples – Linux, Windows Server, Windows NT

Distinguishing features of LAN – Clients, Server, cables, NOS, Switch.

A good description of the difference between hubs, switches and routers:

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