I am still struggling to follow the lecture material in Grid Computing, but none-the-less learning a lot and finding my feet in the more practical tutorials.

Week 7’s lecture discussed:

  • Grid Resources
  • Resource Specification
  • Grid Processing
  • Grid Application Hosting

ALthough I don't have a solid understanding of web service, I can see this architecture makes sense

In the tutorial we covered the MPI libraries for C and C++, this was followed up the next tutorial where we used WS_GRAM Job Management Client: globusrun-ws.

An example of a test script for MPI:

We also explored distributed resource management systems (ie: Sun Grid Engine). I still however do not understand how RPC[Remote Procedure Call], MPI[Message Passing Interface] and DRM[Distributed Resource Management] interact.

Types of cluster applications:

  • Sequential and totally uncoupled parallel applications
  • Parallel applications (using message passing or shared memory)
  • Distributed applications (ie: P2P)

I hope when we work more with some grid enabled applications, the grid resources management mechanisms become clearer to me, both as a user and implementer.