Case Study

FIT4037: Week 6

Week 6 of case study consisted of a lecture and tutorial by Enjoo Lim. The lecture reviewed the basics of Database design which was a nice refresher. Points covered were:

  • Conceptual modelling
  • Logical modelling
  • 1st normal form
  • 2nd normal form
  • 3rd normal form

After last semesters assignments going to BCNF is a fairly straight forward operation. From our experience on this assignment it is clear that if you dont get the conceptual model right none of the subsequent stages will go smoothly.

The tutorial gave us some time to work in our teams on the task due the following week. At the time of writing this I am compiling our Functional Specification report. There is a clear difference in the level of each teams memebers submissions, to the level that to attain and even level throughout the report would require redoing entire sections. From doing this assigmnet I have found that Object Oriented modelling for Web sites does not fit the same as for a stand alone java program. I will need to do some research on modelling for web systems.

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