Grid Computing

FIT5164: Week 5

Week 5 of grid computing comprised of a lecture focusing on data transfer protocols for the grid environment. The tutorial returned to the Grid Security Infrastructure [GSI] covered in the previous weeks lecture.

The lecture covered 4 protocols for data transfer within a grid:

  • GridFTP
  • SCTP
  • Fast TCP
  • Sensor networks

GridFTP allows for 3rd party transfers which is the major practical difference apart from transfer speed.

gridFTP enables 3rd parties to move data around the grid

We delved into the methods by which these protocols provide advantages over standard file transfer. One question this raised in my mind was why these protocols aren’t the standard if they are superior. I guess the answer to this question lies in the need for most server to try and limit the amount of bandwidth the provide to individuals.

The first assignment for this subject is due this week, I found the specification a little bit vague and am concerned that my report will not hold enough technical details. The lack of technical detail has revealed that my depth of knowledge for this subject is not very sound so it will be a priority over the mid semester break to get some books and clarify my understanding.

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