Case study’s fourth seminar analyzed the Functional Requirements Document,  ensuring student have the knowledge to complete task 3.

The main features of a Functional requirements document are:

    • Database design
    • Business Logic Layer design (Best completed using UML in most cases)
    • Interface design
    • System requirements

The purpose of a Functional Requirements document is to reconcile what the client wants and what you plan to build. Once a client signs of on a Functional Requirements document, system design can be completed.

In the tutorial we continued work on our own Functional Requirements doc, after working on it almost all weekend I am still only about halfway through…

Time dedication to this subject was also discussed in the tutorial, I understand there is no exam for the subject so we should be spending more time on it. At present I am spending about 75% of my study time on this subject which is an issue for me. Will try and get most of the work done this week so I can complete other subject assignment next weekend!