Data Communications

FIT9020: Week 1

Started off the subject with a two hour lecture which was mostly housekeeping. The second half of the lecture was quite interesting though with the focus on previewing the topics we would be covering this semester.

Amoung the topics to be covered:

  • Application Layer
  • Transport Layer
  • Network Layer
  • Data Link Layer
  • Physical Layer
source: Lecture 1
  1. Concepts of networking
  2. Technologies in use today
  3. Management of networking technologies

Five Layer model of internet networking

  • Physicals – Hubs, switchers, routers,cables satelites etc. [Ethernet]
  • DataLink Layer – Controls physical layer, formats transmission etc. [Ethernet]
  • Network and Transfer protocols – [TCP/IP]
  • Application Layer – [Web Browsers and web pages]

Also covered was the important of standards and the evolution of data comms/networks

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