Foundations of Programming

FIT9017: Week 9

Program, Design testing a program. We had some overlap this week with the Systems Analysis and Design subject as we looked at some program design methodologies.

New topics covered were:

  • CRC (class, responsibilities collaborators)
  • Testing strategy evolved from testing classes in isolation to testing use cases and scenarios

The tutorial was focused on giving us an idea of how to design our classes for assignment 2. I think the plans that we discussed were to simplistic however and there should be more classes than we covered in the program. The text book seems to have no section on this topic and I have found the index to be terrible… D:<

I will cut this post short as I need to finish the class diagrams for stage 1 of assignment 2 due tomorrow. Finding it a bit difficult as cohesion and coupling seem to work against each other in some instances.

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