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OpenVPN – Docker Quick Start

Quick and easy VPN setup using OpenVPN Docker image, on Amazon Linux 2023.


Installation steps

Install docker on amazon linux 2023

dnf update -y dnf install docker -y systemctl enable docker systemctl start docker

OpenVPN Access Server Docker Image

# see: docker pull openvpn/openvpn-as docker run -d \ –name=openvpn-as –cap-add=NET_ADMIN \ -p 943:943 -p 4443:4443 -p 1194:1194/udp \ -v /root/openvpn-server:/openvpn \ openvpn/openvpn-as # Modify ports and hostname as appropriate
cd /root/openvpn-server/etc vim ./config-local.json
docker restart openvpn/openvpn-as # Get Temp password docker logs openvpn-as | grep -i “Auto-generated pass” # Scroll to find the line, Auto-generated pass = “[password]”. Setting in db..

Configure your OpenVPN services

# Use the generated password sign in to the Admin Web UI. # username: openvpn https://[my_hostname_or_pubip].com:943/admin/ # Check the hostname setting.. put in yourhostname… https://[my_hostname_or_pubip]:943/admin/network_settings # Stop the VPN services and start to ensure changes loaded and persistent: https://[my_hostname_or_pubip]:943/admin/status_overview # Create a user and a new Token Url for the user to import the profile

Windows Client set up

# Install with winget: winget install -e –id OpenVPNTechnologies.OpenVPNConnect # Once installed, get the token which will be something like: openvpn://https://[my_hostname_or_pubip]:043/ConnectClient/[token].ovpn # Put in browser and should open up the OpenVPN client and import the profile, and connect

Checkout your traffic routing

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