Systems Analysis and Design

FIT9030: Week 9

Quick review this week with a number of assignments still on the ‘to-do’ pile.

Week 9 -> Structured Design.

We jumped out of the Object Oriented development methodology to take a look at the Design phase in the eyes of a traditional Systems designer. What we saw:

  • System Flowchart – Need system boundaries in Design phase.
source: week 9 lecture slides
  • Structure Chart – Describes processes in the System Flowchart in more detail using transaction analysis.
source: week 9 lecture slides

  • Module Pseudocode – Describes internal logical of Structure chart modules
  • Three-layer architecture – Structure charts may be based on this architecture (Data Layer -> Business Logic Layer -> View Layer)
source: week 9 lecture slides

Pearl of the week: The Analysis – Design conversion for Structured/Traditional Development methodology is a process of exploding the DFD from the Analysis phase.

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