Foundations of Programming

FIT9017: Week 8

Judy returned to present lecture 8 this week, focussing on Encapsulation and Scope. The coverage of each aspect was quite introductory so I am just going to list through the points covered very breifly.

A graphic illustration of the encapsulation of Objects
  • Public Interface – public method and constructors are the objects/class’s interface
  • Encapsulation enables information hiding, a key point of object oriented development and code re-use
  • Local Variables – Scope limited to within a method
  • Field – attribute of an object, shoudl be private
  • Final – cannot be changed

Pearl of the Week:

  • Static vs Final – a good explination here

Short post this week, recently got Visual Studio 2010 so will look at trying out some C# in the next couple of weeks assuming I don’t get to addicted to SC2.

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