Systems Analysis and Design

FIT9030: Week 8

Today’s catch up lecture was title ‘The Nature of Good Design’ and began our work on the Design phase [PADIS]. David’s analogy for the Design phase in comparison to the Analysis phase was, ‘the analysis phase is like the architects rendering of a how a house will look and its features… the design phase is the conversion of that outline into a blueprint from which the house can be built’.


Three questions need to be answered this week:

  • What components require systems design?
    • User Interface
    • Network
    • Database
    • Application
    • System Interface
  • What are the inputs of the Design phase?
    • Analysis activities (in the form of models and documents)
      • Business Events, processes and environment
      • System requirements
      • Other requirements
      • Object Oriented Development: Class diagram, Use Case Diagram, System Sequence Diagram, Activity Diagram, State Machine Diagram (if needed)
  • What are the outputs of the Design phase?
    • Define, Organize and Structure components of the final system solution (a blueprint for construction)
    • Object Oriented Development: Package Diagram, Design class Diagrams, Interaction Diagram, Object DB schema
    • Traditional: System Fowl Charts, Relational Database Schema etc.
  • How is systems design done?
    • See the components listed in the first set of bullets (each point requires its own architecture)
    • Ensuring the output of the design phase must provide the logical framework for programming (Implementation)

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