Output/Export query to file with Oracle on RDS

There are several different ways to do this, I find the easiest is to create a view then use SQL Developer’s Database Export wizard.


Step 1: Create a view

Step 2: Use SQL Developer’s Database Export wizard to export the view to your desired file format

In SQLDeveloper, Tools → Database Export

  1. Select the correct DB connection
  2. Uncheck ‘Export DDL’
  3. Under ‘Export Data’ change Format to CSV or XLSX (or whatever file type is desired)
    1. Adjust file names and output dir as desired, click Next
  4. Uncheck all except ‘Views’, Next
  5. Ensure that you select the correct schema selected, if the schema is not the default schema for your user, click ‘more’ – select the correct schema and change type from ‘All Objects’ to ‘View’
  6. Click ‘Lookup’ and you will see the view you created in Step 1
  7. Select the View and hit the blue arrow to move the view into the lower box, then click next, review and Finish.. your export will now run with a status box for the task.

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