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I regularly like to make rough diagrams/plans by drawing on paper. As I have an iPad Pro with a stylus sitting next to me I have often thought there would be some benefits to being able to use a sketching diagram to:

  • Stop losing/damaging paper sketches
  • Easily undo mistakes
  • Leverage things like copy and paste
  • Infinite canvas
  • Ability to zoom in and out

To this end I am trying: Concepts App • Infinite, Flexible Sketching

Starting with a SkillShare course Draw with Concepts app: Basic Digital Illustration for Beginners

SkillShare – Course

  • Vector based app (infinite canvas + no pixilation)
  • User interface
    • Supports pressure sensitive stylus + palm rejection
    • Projects -> Files
    • Top right tools, customizable change tools
      • Line thickness, Opacity, Smoothness (0 for pen tip)
      • Color palette (make your own palette)
      • Layers pallet (automatic will separate layers by tool, recommended)
        1. Coloring with pencil, drawing with pen easy with auto layers
        2. Duplicate layers, transparency, visibility etc.
      • Tools + Brushes
        • Can buy new via pro
      • Precision palette
        • Grid, Snap, Measure, Guide
      • Gestures
        • 2 finger tap – undo
  • Workflow
    • Ran through a demo, drawing an images from a picture
      • Changing tools/brushes
      • Hold push + item select/select all layers

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