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Eramba Community 2019 in Docker (docker-compose)

Eramba is anexcellent open source Governance Risk and Compliance tool, here it is dockerized and docker-composed.

Eramba is an excellent open source Governance Risk and Compliance tool. Recently (10-SEP-2019), a new major release of the community version came out. Previously I used which was based on to start eramba instances quickly with docker and docker-compose.

As I could not find an updated version of these for the new release I have made one. The repo for this, 2019 community version (specifically c2.4.1) can be found here:

Follow the steps in and you should be testing the new eramba in no time.

Mar, 2020: Updated for community edition 2.8.1

Thanks to the team at Eramba for making the tool available for all!

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Thanks for providing the docker version. It would be great if you provide more detailed installation steps separately for Windows, Mac and Linux. I have encountered problem while creating the volumes.

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