Download all Evernote attachments via Evernote API with Python

Python script for downloading snapshots of all attachments in all of your Evernote notebooks.

import json, os, pickle, httplib2, io
import evernote.edam.userstore.constants as UserStoreConstants
import evernote.edam.type.ttypes as Types
from evernote.api.client import EvernoteClient
from evernote.edam.notestore.ttypes import NoteFilter, NotesMetadataResultSpec
from datetime import date

# Pre-reqs: pip install evernote 
# API key from

os.environ["PYTHONPATH"] = "/Library/Python/2.7/site-packages"


def prepDest():
    if not os.path.exists(OUTPUT_DIR):
        return True
    return True

# Helper function to turn query string parameters into a 
# source:
def parse_query_string(authorize_url):
    uargs = authorize_url.split('?')
    vals = {}
    if len(uargs) == 1:
        raise Exception('Invalid Authorization URL')
    for pair in uargs[1].split('&'):
        key, value = pair.split('=', 1)
        vals[key] = value
    return vals

class AuthToken(object):
    def __init__(self, token_list):
        self.oauth_token_list = token_list

def authenticate():
    def storeToken(auth_token):
        with open(LOCAL_TOKEN, 'wb') as output:
            pickle.dump(auth_token, output, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)    

    def oauthFlow():
        with open(CREDENTIALS_FILE) as data_file:    
            data = json.load(data_file)
            client = EvernoteClient(
                consumer_key = data.get('consumer_key'),
                consumer_secret = data.get('consumer_secret'),
        request_token = client.get_request_token('')
        print("Token expired, load in browser: " + client.get_authorize_url(request_token))
        print "Paste the URL after login here:"
        authurl = raw_input()
        vals = parse_query_string(authurl)
        return auth_token

    def storeToken(auth_token):
        with open(LOCAL_TOKEN, 'wb') as output:
            pickle.dump(auth_token, output, pickle.HIGHEST_PROTOCOL)    

    def getToken():
        if os.path.isfile(LOCAL_TOKEN):
            with open(LOCAL_TOKEN, 'rb') as input:
              clientt = pickle.load(input)
        return store_token

        client = EvernoteClient(token=getToken(),sandbox=False)
        userStore = client.get_user_store()
        user = userStore.getUser()
    except Exception as e:
        client = EvernoteClient(token=oauthFlow(),sandbox=False)
    return client

def listNotes(client):
    note_store = client.get_note_store()
    filter = NoteFilter()    
    filter.ascending = False
    spec = NotesMetadataResultSpec(includeTitle=True)
    spec.includeTitle = True
    notes = note_store.findNotesMetadata(client.token, filter, 0, 100, spec)
    for note in notes.notes:
        for resource in note_store.getNote(client.token, note.guid, False, False, True, False).resources:
            note_list.append([resource.attributes.fileName, resource.guid])
    return note_list

def downloadResources(web_prefix, res_array):
    for res in res_array:
        res_url = "%sres/%s" % (web_prefix, res[1])
        print("Downloading: " + res_url + " to " + OUTPUT_DIR + res[0])
        h = httplib2.Http(".cache")
        (resp_headers, content) = h.request(res_url, "POST",
                                        headers={'auth': DEV_TOKEN})
        with open(os.path.join(OUTPUT_DIR, res[0]), "wb") as wer:

def main():
    if prepDest():
        client = authenticate()
        web_prefix = user_store.getPublicUserInfo(user_store.getUser().username).webApiUrlPrefix
        downloadResources(web_prefix, listNotes(client))

if __name__ == '__main__':

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