Systems Analysis and Design

FIT9030: Week 5

Week 5 is here and we started the week with the lecture, tutorial double of Systems Analysis and Desgin(by David Grant). I missed the first 10 minutes of the lecture, which I guess involved some revision of the previous weeks lecture on Analysis Models.

The week 5 lecture titled “Traditional or Structured Approach to Analysis”… I think the title should be amended to ‘Structured or Object-Oriented Approach to Analysis“.

Source: FIT9030 week 5 lecture slide

Interestingly we spent most of the lecture talking about the structured approach. We began with an example of a Super-market Checkout, analyzing the Event Table. We then proceeded to discuss each if the Structured Approach’s components:

  • DFD (Data Flow Diagram) – Levels of abstraction, Context -> Level 0 -> Level 1 …. Atomic Level. Must be sure when changing levels of Abstration that the number of Inputs/Outpus remains consistent. 7+- 2 rules applies to the number of processes, Avoid BlackHoles, WhiteHoles and Miracles.
  • Structured English
  • Decision Tables/Tress
  • Data Flow Definitions (Textual)
  • Data Element Definitions (Textual)

The tutorial comprised mostly of ensuring that everyone understood Event Tables and Class Diagrams:


After completing Part A of the subjects assignment last night I am feeling quite confident that I am up-to-date with all of the concepts we have covered thus far.

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