Getting iPhone working on Linux (without jailbreaking)

Steps to Using iTunes and iPhone on Ubuntu (using windows virtual machine)

  1. Install git, with the following command: sudo apt-get install git-core
  2. Install iPhone connectivity the driver with the following command: git clone git://
  3. Install VitualBox PUEL ( , ensure it is PUEL, no OSE Edition
  4. Install Samba and share Music folder (instructions:
  5. Open Sun Virtual Box, create a virtual machine (ensure in vm settings USB is enabled and iPhone filter selected).
  6. Install iTunes on the vm and access your songs through shared folder.

All up takes about 2 hrs max and is the easiest way to get your iPhone working on Ubuntu without jail breaking.

To assist with the learning of Unix/Unix-like operating systems, I have chosen to install Ubuntu 9.10 on my Desktop PC (it was already on my laptop). For those that haven’t used it, don’t be afraid, I actually found it an easier installation process to Windows and it is significantly faster and more stable. Linux (particularity distributions such as Ubuntu) are ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a specific reason why they need to use Windows or OSX.

On to the point, although I can run Windows through using VirtualBox OSE is does not detect the iPhone. This may be because it is not possible through the virtual setup OR because the Linux kernel is not able to communicate sufficiently with the iPhone.  The abridged instructions are at the top.

So, my first attempt to get it working will be to install a driver to enable the Linux Kernel to communicate with the iPhone sufficiently to allow the Windows 7 running on VirtualBox OSE to detect the iPhone. The process involved:

  1. Doing a Google search, reading:
  2. Finding the driver at:
  3. Attempting to install and realizing I did not have git installed
  4. Installing git, with the following command: sudo apt-get install git-core
  5. Installing the driver with the following command: git clone git://
  6. Testing to see if that worked.. It did’t.. did some more reading, found post “USB is not supported in the OSE version of VBox. You need to uninstall the OSE and install the PUEL version
  7. Uninstalled VirtualBox OSE, downloaded and installed VitualBox PUEL (
  8. Finally got VirtualBox PUEL working… USB option is disabled, enabled it through the GUI(settings).
  9. Installed iTunes on Windows7 virtual machine where it works with the iPhone
  10. Installed Samba on Ubuntu to share my Ubuntu Music (instuctions:
  11. Open iTunes, accessed shared folder, synched new playlists to iPhone and updated software.

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