IT Research Methods

FIT5185 – IT Research Methods Week 4

IT research method’s fourth week was presented by Joze Kuzic providing a detailed introduction to surveys (or ‘super looks’ as the translation demands). First off we clarified that surveys are not limited to forms that managers and students need to fill out! There are many types of surveys,  ie:

  • Statistical
  • Geographic
  • Earth Sciences
  • Construction
  • Deviation
  • Archaeological
  • Astronomical
These are just a few types of non-form surveys. So with this broader view we can see that most anyone conducting research will need to have a good understanding of how to create effective surveys. Interviews were listed as a method for conducting surveys although I imagine this would in most cases be quite dubious if used alone. Anonymous surveys appear to be the most common form of surveys for people.
After discussing some of the obvious pros and cons of mail surveys, the lecture moved into population sampling.
Considering sample sizes – source week 4 lecture notes
Likert scales where subsequently introduced along with nominal , interval and ration frames for question responses.
Finally the format of surveys was raised, specifically the demonstrated effect format has on results.
The test for week 5 on this subject will be on experiments and surveys.

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