Intro to DevOps – Lesson 3

Topics: Continuous integration/Delivery (Jenkins) Automate from commits to repo to build to test to deploy Monitoring (Graphite) At minimum there will be 6 environments local (dev workstations) dev (sandbox) integration (test build and side effects) test (UAT, Performance, QA may be many environments) staging (live data? – replication of production) production If the hand over of each of these steps was manuals there are too many opportunities for delays and.. Read More

Intro to DevOps – Lesson 2

Topics: How to get Dev and ITOps working together Looking at some tools to enable that integration Using Packer ( to create images that can be used in Dev and Prod Started of looking at the basic conflict between ITOps and Dev. In essence the risk adversity of ITOps, why its there and why its good and bad. First hand experience of this with being woken up many nights after.. Read More