FIT5037 – Advanced Network Security Week 5

Week 5 saw an introduction to security  programming distributed applications. As I have very little experience in distributed programming it was difficult to understand everything covered in the lecture. The first question posed was, when developing a distributed program, which of the following is best for secure distributed programs: Sockets Remote Procedure Call [RPC] Remote Method Interface[RMI] Common Object Request Broker Architecture [CORBA] Next came a discussion over the strengths.. Read More

FIT5185 – IT Research Methods Week 5

The topic of week 5’s lecture presented by David Arnott was ‘Communicating Research’. After establishing why it is important to publish research, we cover the paper publication process in some detail. The first step discussed was the research proposal, aimed at the target audience of supervisors/scholarship committee/confirmation panel. In regards to tense it was advised to write in past tense with the exception of results discussion which would be written.. Read More