FIT5037 – Advanced Network Security Week 4

After a review of some of the previous weeks discussion on ECC week 4’s lecture focused on Intrusion Detection Systems [IDS]. The initial slide of the lecture featured a great summary of IDS: The concepts behind IDSs are not overly complicated; analyse incoming traffic, compare it to known bad traffic and take action accordingly. Unfortunately implementation of such a system is not so simple, some of the primary difficulties are: To what extent can we.. Read More

FIT5185 – IT Research Methods Week 4

IT research method’s fourth week was presented by Joze Kuzic providing a detailed introduction to surveys (or ‘super looks’ as the translation demands). First off we clarified that surveys are not limited to forms that managers and students need to fill out! There are many types of surveys,  ie: Statistical Geographic Earth Sciences Construction Deviation Archaeological Astronomical These are just a few types of non-form surveys. So with this broader.. Read More