FIT5108 – DoS Reading Unit Part 3

This week I will start a detailed review of each of the attack methods introduced in Week 1’s post. I will start with on of the oldest DoS attacks, the Ping of Death. I incorrectly listed this under ICMP attacks in a previous post, the ping of death actually exploits the process of IP packet reassembly. We can see above that after being received via the communication medium (ie: cat6.. Read More

FIT5185 – IT Research Methods Week 3

Experiments was the topic of week 3’s lecture presented by David Arnott. We started with a classification of scientific investigation: Descriptive studies Correlation studies Experiments Importantly the anchor of these investigations is the research question. Terms and concepts was the next sub-section:  Subject (Participant by law in Aus where people are subjects) – The target of your experimentation Variables (Independent variables, Dependent variables, Intermediate variables, Extraneous variables), these are self.. Read More