FIT5037 – Advanced Network Security Week 2

Miller-Rabin Python Implementation (slow but readable): http://mchost/sourcecode/ As with my other subjects for week 2 I was absent for Adv. Network Security so this will be a summary of the lecture notes and reading materials. The title for this weeks lecture was ‘Adv. Cryptology, RSA and its implementation’. Considering the extensive assignment we completed last semester on PGP/GPG and it’s utilization of the RSA public key system, this will most.. Read More

FIT5185 – IT Research Methods Week 2

Unfortunately I was absent for week 2 of IT Research Methods and the lecture delivered by Prof. David Arnott. The lecture was focussed on the initial stages to any research project, literature review. Thematic Analysis – Qualitative in nature, classifying papers according to themes that are relevant to your research project. Bibliographic Analysis – Quantitative in nature, using citation and/or content analysis. (rarely used in IT research) A question posed.. Read More