FIT5044 – Network Security Week 11 + Review

The final week of new topics for Network Security covered Security for Large Computer Systems. This post will also contain a short review of the FIT5044 subject. The first point to consider when implementing large scale security solutions is the fast moving nature of computer security in addition to the difficulty in change associated with large business networks. Increased integration, particularly with  the availability of inter-organization or publicly available services.. Read More

FIT5167 – Natural Computation Week 11 + Review

Let post as I forgot to publish,  the last week of new topics in Natural computation covered Recurrent networks for time series forecasting. The alternatives for structuring and feeding back previous time series are the main points of difference between methodologies. Elman Networks: Jordan Networks: Fully recurrent: source: Week 11 Lecture notes FIT5167 These network operate very similarly to standard MultiLayer perceptrons. Self organizing maps have been proposed as one.. Read More