FIT5167 – Natural Computation Week 8

With a unit test and assignment this week, there were no new topics introduced. The research I had to do for SOMs in relation to the assignment did yield a lot of new information. Implementation of SOM networks has a number variable components: Neighbour updating, neighbour radius Weight decay Random weight initialization (the random weights at initialization will effect clusters) Adjusting learning rate and learning rate decay Adjusting training/test data.. Read More

FIT5044 – Network Security Week 8

Week 8 saw a continuation on network layer security. IPsec was discussed in detail throughout the lecture, specifically how the three objectives could be acheived: Integrity Authentication Confidentiality During the week I had a look at some open source implementation that enable there objectives: Kerebos – (Authentication only) Ubuntu ipsec-tools tutorial – IPSec how-to – Still working on getting a practical test run going, aiming to do.. Read More