FIT5047 – Intelligent Systems Week 2

Week 2 – search algorithms.I implemented A Breadth first search in Python for application to the Missionaries and cannibals problem. —–>>>>      Python script:  http://mchost/sourcecode/ <<<<-—- To run install python 2.7 then open terminal/cmd and $ python -i The game is not that simple: Play Missionaries and Cannibals game The other search algorithms that we discussed in the week 2 lecture were: Breadth first search Depth First search.. Read More

FIT5059 – Adv. Prog. for DB Applications Week 2

Week 2 continue with the basics, however this week some of the power of Oracle forms was revealed. It seems that web based DB apps can be developed very quickly with Oracle form builder. I am very interested to see how the performance of this apps it. I assume that they will automatically leverage Oracle’s middleware and end up being faster than a well written program. However, some further reading.. Read More

FIT5167 – Natural Computation Week 2

Natural computation’s second week made me feel quite a bit more comfortable with the subject as to the first week.  We discussed artificial neural networks in more specific and relevant detail. Starting of were the main components: Inputs (X1, X2, X3…Xn) Weights(Wj1,  Wj2, Wj3…Wjn) Bias (Bj) Neuron (summation function) Transfer/Transformation/Activation function Threshhold/McCulloch-Pitts function [0,1] Sigmoid function {Yj = 1/(1 + e^(-AUj))} Output Next came an explanation of the 3 fundamental neural network architectures:.. Read More

FIT5044 – Network Security Week 2

Network security’s week 2 lecture continued on the theme of thinking about and discussing the possibilities associated with network security. Specifically we learnt about the current trade off between security and services. If a computer is providing more services to external users then it is -ceteris paribus- less secure. Discussed very briefly was the Open Systems Interconnection model which was a good refresher. Interestingly the LAN at my work office appears to.. Read More