FIT5167 – Natural Computation Week 1

Natural computation for intelligent systems is a subject dedicated to the use of Neural Networks for the use of pattern recognition. Of the four subjects introductory lectures I found Natural Computation to be the most stressful. We were hit with a ‘self-assessment’ math test which we were advised would be the taste of the course. It has been a long time since I have done pure mathematics so was not completely.. Read More

FIT5044 – Network Security Week 1

The first lecture for network security was presented by Dr. Phu Le. Materials for the subject will be published to: Some interesting points were raised during the lecture: 100% secure networks are currently an untenable goal. The US gov’t is grappling with this issue at present: Numerous countries have developed large teams within their defense forces for cyber defense and offence. At present banks and insurers are paying out millions.. Read More