FIT5164: Summary

FIT5164 Grid Computing was the most complex subject I have taken thus far. It was also the most interesting due to the broad range of applications that were discussed for this technology. The subject was particularly good because of the instant grid on VMware which enabled us to practically apply the complex theoretical concepts discussed in the lectures. Dr Asad Khan presented the lectures with the assumption that students were.. Read More

FIT5032: Summary

FIT5032, Internet Application Development was on of my favorite subjects this semester. It was structured very well for a programming subject, enabling students to get introductions to topics in lectures, learn more details in their own time and then come into tutorials if they need further clarification. Janet Fraser was a great lecturer, keeping students engaged with entertaining lectures. The assignments for the subjects were very good. Forcing students to.. Read More

FIT4037: Summary

FIT4037 Case Study was on of the most difficult subjects I have done. Not because of the complexity of the material but because of the high volume of work which required all 4 group members to contribute to a project which needed skills that were not prerequisites for the subject. This provided great practical experience as most work places are comprised of a few experienced team members and a number.. Read More

FIT9020: Summary

FIT9020 Data Communications was a compulsory subject for students without comparable undergraduate credit. It did however turn out to be well worth the time. Some of the best parts about this subject were: Tutorials Learning how to use applications such as Wireshark, Kistmet, inSSIDer Learning about the array of network tools included in both windows and *unix systems (netstat, tracert etc) Lectures Much more detailed understanding of how computer networks.. Read More