FIT5032: Week 9

Internet Application Development’s 9th week expanded on the previous lectures introduction to dynamic ASP.NET pages and moved into DataControls, specifically the GridView. Grid views have a number of column types: BoundField – (default) ButtonField – Enables Add and Delete buttons CheckBox Field – good for booleans CommandField – Predefined command buttons (Select, Edit, Delete) HyperLinkField – self explanatory ImageField – self explanatory TemplateField – Custom data views See how simple.. Read More

FIT4037: Week 9

Week 9 of case study had no seminar. The tutorial was focused on assessing group progress thus far. We are doing OK but still have some major hurdles. Upon review of our work thus far some major floor stand out and issues with moving to a working prototype. I imagine over the mid-semester break a full work over of the project will be required before moving to a working prototype.. Read More