FIT4037: Week 8

Case study’s week 8 lecture looked at documentation. This feature has been recognized as a critical factor for IS success and as a major separator between professional and amateur work. Some key documentation includes: User Manuals (End User, Staff, Administrator) Installation Guide Integration Guide Troubleshooting Procedures Operational Procedures Test Plan + Test Results For complex Information system completing all of the above documents in full detail would be very costly.. Read More

FIT9020: Week 7

Another missed lecture and tutorial for Data Communications which I definitely regret as the subject is very interesting. Week 7 focused on Local Area Networks, the reasons for them, how they work and how to implement them.

FIT5164: Week 7

I am still struggling to follow the lecture material in Grid Computing, but none-the-less learning a lot and finding my feet in the more practical tutorials. Week 7’s lecture discussed: Grid Resources Resource Specification Grid Processing Grid Application Hosting

FIT5032: Week 7

Internet application development continued the style matching lecture material to assignment requirements. This seems like a very effective way to make the knowledge stick. The topics this week were: Validation Controls Master Pages Themes and Skins Navigation Controls All of these were required on our assignment which ensured we revised it in detail. After working with ASP.NET I was really impressed and wondered how many large companies used it. The.. Read More