FIT9020: Week 4

The Data link Layer was covered in week 4 of Data communications, which was another high detail lecture [All Trains Now Depart Promptly -> Application, Transport, Network, Data Link, Physical] . Using both Logical Link Control [LLC] and Media Access Control [MAC] the Data Link layer controls when computers transmit data, detects and correct transmission errors and identifies the beginning and end of messages.

FIT5164: Week 4

Grid Computing’s week 4 lecture took a security theme covering the Grid Security Infrastructure [GSI], Public key infrastructure , Digital certificates, Mutual authentication, My Proxy and shibboleth. GSI (see: is an overlay on the transport security protocol (SSL) utilizing asymmetric encryption and the public key infrastructure to acheive: Authentication Data integrity verification Single sign-on Inter-organisation decentralized security All grid entities (user and processes) must have a public key certificate,.. Read More