FIT5032: Week 2

After missing the first week of classes I was in for a bit of a shock in the second week lecture. There were a much larger number of students in the lecture than normal, this is due to the fact it is a level 5 subject and not specific to the MAIT course.  The lecturer, Janet Fraser was very good with high energy presentation of what could otherwise be a very dry.. Read More

FIT9020: Week 2

Data communications in week to delved deeper into the Application Layer. Looking specifically at HTTP and SMTP and Application architectures. The Application Layer can be further segmented into User Interface, Business Logic, Data Access and Data Storage. Clients and servers where defined and three basic architectures: Host base architectures (server heavy) Client-based architectures (client heavy) Client-server architectures (shared) Client Server architectures are the latest in the application architecture evolution and has.. Read More

FIT4037: Week 2

We got our first submission in on time this week. There were however some issue with version control, but we learnt our lesson and this submission is not hugely important. The next task our group of 4 faces is the submission of a Business Case proposal.  Our discussion has been positive with good insights from all memebers. I am however a bit concenred that we lack the technical skills to.. Read More