FIT5164: Week 1

Again affected by my timetable changes I missed the first lecture on this subject. Apperently the MUSO system is still being used here so it took some tracking down but did manage to find the subjects resources. Unit resources:, see MUSO for username and password. A quick summary from the lecture notes of lecture 1: Unit leader: Dr Asad Khan Grids enable ‘On-Demand’ computing, examples of grids are P2P.. Read More

FIT5032: Week 1

Unfortunately with late changes to my timetable I did not get to attend the initial lecture or tutorial for this subject. It is however using the Walkabout web site program which suggest that all of the resource will be readily available online. After attending the second lecture I am left with the question of why use xml? To learn about a topic in detail I find it helps significantly to.. Read More