FIT9019: Week 11

Week 11 gave us a quick introduction to PL/SQL. The primary tools of PL SQL are: Anonymous Blocks Named Blocks Subprograms Triggers Of these subprograms and triggers would be the most commonly used. The structure of PL/SQL: DECLARE /*Declarative section is where variables and other objects such as cursors, types, exceptions, etc. are declared. Local procedures and functions can also be declared and will be available for this block only… Read More

FIT9030: Week 11

Week 11 and 12 are both coming along a bit late. The 3 secondary assignments which were due in the last week took up most of my study time and my review process was somewhat derailed. I have definitley noticed that I do not adsorb as much from the lectures if I don’t keep up with this quick review within 48 hours of first hearing the lecture. Week 11 was.. Read More