FIT9017: Week 10

Week 10’s lecture by Judy started with an example of why code format convention are important if software is to be supported, extended, corrected, maintained, ported, adapted and re-used. The focus then turned to 2 code important concepts of code quality: Cohesion – Each┬ácomponent must contained related and well defined task, high cohesion is good. Coupling – Each component must rely on as little data from other components as possible,.. Read More

FIT9018: Week 10

Week 10’s lecture was a continuation from Week 9’s introduction to shell scripting. The tutorial this week was closely correlated to the lecture material for weeks 9 and 10. Pearl of the Week: Test function in shell scripts. + /dev/null (trash bin for script outputs)

We had a chance to make some scripts based on the constructs and operators that we learnt from the lecture: [To be uploaded] A.. Read More