FIT9018: Week 9

Week 9 saw Andy delve further into utilizing the Unix shell followed by a tutorial on setting up the Apache HTTP server. On the unix shell, we explored shell scripts. The basics that we covered: Pearl of the week – Common shell script errors: [-z “$x”] error : no space near the [ ]’s [ “$x”=”abc“ ] error : no space around = y = 20 error : extra spaces around.. Read More

FIT9019: Week 9

A very busy lecture this week with Manoj introducing some index structures including: ISAM – Indexed Sequential Access Mechanism Binary Tree – Suseptable to ‘lopsidedness’ B – Tree – Normalized but inconsistent lookup times. B+ Tree – Normalized, all keys in leaf nodes.  Used by Oracle.

FIT9030: Week 9

Quick review this week with a number of assignments still on the ‘to-do’ pile. Week 9 -> Structured Design. We jumped out of the Object Oriented development methodology to take a look at the Design phase in the eyes of a traditional Systems designer. What we saw: System Flowchart – Need system boundaries in Design phase. Structure Chart – Describes processes in the System Flowchart in more detail using transaction.. Read More