FIT9017: Week 8

Judy returned to present lecture 8 this week, focussing on Encapsulation and Scope. The coverage of each aspect was quite introductory so I am just going to list through the points covered very breifly. Public Interface – public method and constructors are the objects/class’s interface Encapsulation enables information hiding, a key point of object oriented development and code re-use Local Variables – Scope limited to within a method Field –.. Read More

FIT9018: Week 8

Week 8’s lecture returned to the UNIX shell for some more in depth analysis. The tutorial was dedicated to Squid Proxy Server and how to run it from shell.  First off, the lecture on Shell Scripting:

FIT9019 – Week 8

Was quite a hectic week for Database Technologies with the movement of lecture and tutorials and the major assignment due. Thank to Manoj for putting in so much consultation time for everyone outside of class hours. Unfortunately I could not make the lecture due to work commitments but I will review the lecture notes with some assistance from the text book. Physical Database Design 1:   The process of developing a.. Read More

FIT9030: Week 8

Today’s catch up lecture was title ‘The Nature of Good Design’ and began our work on the Design phase [PADIS]. David’s analogy for the Design phase in comparison to the Analysis phase was, ‘the analysis phase is like the architects rendering of a how a house will look and its features… the design phase is the conversion of that outline into a blueprint from which the house can be built’.