FIT9018: Week 7

Andy presented another high paced lecture this week, the theme was Deadlock and Inter-Process Communication. This is a continuation of the Process Management topic from last week. As a recap: Deadlocks: Can occur on any multitasking O/S where a single process is given exclusive access to a file, device or resource. Detailed conditions: Mutual Exclusion – One process can hold a resource exclusively Hold and Wait – A process can.. Read More

FIT9019 – Week 7

Manoj presented lecute number 7 this week, titled “SQL III”. True to the title, we churned through 2 hours of SQL definitions and examples. Interestingly there are a number of differences between Oracle and MySQL. To really get the hang of SQL I have just set up a MySQL server on my home PC and running over the commands show in the lectures/tutorials and in the Text book. Interestingly in.. Read More