FIT9017: Week 3

Judy Sheard’s third week lecture continued on the introduction to Java and programming as a whole. Although all of the concepts covered were very basic some of the terminology needs to be learned, particularly for when in the work place and the need to communicate arises. So, a summary of the terms covered and their contextual definitions: Selection – if construct, 3 components: condition,consequent, alternative. if(keyword) (condition){consequent}else{alt} relational operator – .. Read More

FIT9018: Week 3

Andy Cheng presented the lecture titled “Operating Systems II: File Management” this week. In basis File Management systems allow users to store information in units called files, File systems provide a logical view for the user whilst hiding the physical view which is not interpretable by the average human. Ordinary Files – executable, text, source code, etc. Directories – contain Ordinary files and subdirectories (assist with Logical View) Special Files.. Read More