FIT9019: Week 3

Week 3’s lecture by Manoj Kathpalia got into database design. We continued our referencing to the ANSI/SPARC architecture which it appears will be an ongoing theme. The lecture ran through the Database Design Cycle introducing Requirements Definition, Conceptual Design, Logical Design and Physical Design. With detailed analysis of ER modeling which applies to Conceptual and and Logical Design (which are both at the conceptual level of the ANSI/SPARC architecture). I.. Read More

FIT9030: Week 3

Another packed lecture from David grant for Systems Analysis and Design yesterday. The first half was a completion of last weeks unfinished lecture on Systems development methodologies. We had a more in depth look at the Object Oriented Approach and its associated methodologies, primarily iterative/spiral which is the current trend. Extreme Programming, The Unified Process and Agile Modeling (a hybrid of the two former) came next. I had not realized.. Read More